For immediate tree removals needs, trust us to locate the best tree felling professionals for you

Tree Removals

When it’s time to remove that enormous tree looming over your property, you want a tree removals service you can rely on. Our vast network of tree professionals brings more than 21 years of experience in tree felling and stump removal tasks – ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

Equipped with the right tools for secure handling of these giant green giants, our team ensures public safety while preserving the aesthetics of your surroundings.

  • Whether it’s in The Reeds or across Johannesburg, emergency situations demand immediate solutions.

Look no further- we’re experts at finding experienced arborists tailored specifically for South Africa’s diverse landscape conditions.

Providing not just quick responses but also offering competitive prices countrywide, makes us the reliable choice when trees need trimming or complete removal. With us, prompt execution meets top-notch service quality – every single time!

Valuable features of Tree Removals near me

Valuable features of Tree Removals near me

  • Prompt Response: Immediate action from our team ensures less damage during emergencies.
  • Skilled Arborists:  certified arborists diagnose and deal with pest issues efficiently.
  • Safety Measures: Professionals minimize risks like falls or being struck by falling objects while performing tree care operations.
  • Permit Assistance: Our professionals assist with obtaining necessary permits for tree removal or relocation in specific regions, including Miami-Dade County.
  • Property Value Increase: Rely on our team to maintain the trees, particularly as they enhance real estate value.
  • Climate Control Contribution: Our professionals ensure the trees continue moderating effects of the sun, rain and wind to regulate climate.
  • Wide Coverage: Regardless if you’re located in Alberton, Midrand, Johannesburg South or Germiston, we have got you covered.
  • Diverse Services: We offer a range of services such as stump grinding, tree surgery and tree maintenance along with Professional Tree Services.
  • Cost Transparency: You’ll receive a comprehensive breakdown of Tree Removal costs upfront without any hidden charges.

Get Expert Tree Removal Services Tailored for South Africa’s Landscape

Experience top-notch tree removal services specifically designed to cater to the unique landscape of South Africa.

Verified Residential Tree Removal

Our verified residential tree removal service ensures the safety and aesthetics of your home property.

  • We have a team of skilled arborists who are experts in handling all sizes and types of trees present in South African landscapes.

They employ modern equipment and adhere to stringent safety protocols during the operation.

  • Whether it’s an overgrown tree that’s obstructing your view, or a diseased one posing risks to other plants, we provide solutions for it all.
  • With our expertise, we can tackle complex tree problems effectively while maintaining the overall health of your landscape.

Our residential tree removal services also include disposing of debris responsibly after completing the job, leaving your place clean and tidy.

Verified Commercial Tree Removal

Commercial tree removal requires precise skill and knowledge to ensure safety.

  • With our verified commercial tree removal services, businesses can trust the process will be done quickly and efficiently.

Our highly trained arborists use top-of-the-line equipment for felling trees of all sizes without causing damage to surrounding property or structures.

  • We ensure that the removed trees are disposed of responsibly, aligning with South African regulations on waste management.

Extreme attention is paid to detail while operating in both rural and urban settings, promising a hassle-free cleanup post-removal service. Whether it’s a one-off job or long-term contracted work, we guarantee high-quality professional service every time.

Verified Emergency Tree Removal

Emergencies can occur at any time, and fast action is required to prevent damage and maintain safety.

  • Our specialist team ensures swift response for emergency tree removal all across South Africa.

Trained experts are on call 24/7, equipped with modern tools to handle precarious situations proficiently, be it storm-damaged trees leaning onto your property or threatening power lines, and even critical palm tree removals.

Both residential and commercial areas can benefit from our verified services that prioritise safety without compromising speed.

Verified Land Clearing

Land clearing and site preparation are crucial steps in successful tree removal projects, particularly for large-scale projects like residential or commercial constructions.

  • Our process begins with the comprehensive assessment of each site by certified professionals.

They implement efficient techniques to clear out any vegetation, tree stumps, and stubborn roots from the property.

  • We use high-quality equipment necessary to perform land clearing tasks effectively and safely.
  • Adherence to regulatory requirements is fundamental in our operations which ensures protection for both clients’ properties and the environment itself.

We take pride in leaving customers with a clean slate ready for their next project after our verified land-clearing services.

Key reasons our certified arborists are the top pick

Key reasons our certified arborists are the top pick

Our certified arborists stand out as the go-to tree care professionals for several compelling reasons:

  1. They boast of vast work experience – a minimum of three tough years in the field, actively addressing various tree-related issues and challenges.
  2. Our arborists have passed an extensive exam to earn the respected ISA certification, providing assurance of their expertise and dedication.
  3. Essential tree services such as pruning become seamless with our certified arborists, directly leading to enhanced tree health, safety, and appearance.
  4. Dangerous trees pose no threat when you engage our certified arborists; they are well-versed in identifying and safely removing these potential hazards.
  5. The process of planting new trees is time-consuming for many homeowners; this is where our expert certified arborists step in, turning a daunting task into a breeze.
  6. Besides proving their skills through certifications, our arborist team also offers transparency about their affiliations and experiences before you entrust your trees to them.

Tree Removal Tactics: Professional Approach vs. DIY – A Handy Comparison Table

Criteria Professional Approach DIY Approach
Safety Professionals adhere to strict safety guidelines during tree removals. They use proper equipment like chainsaws and forestry equipment, ensuring a safe and efficient process. DIY tree removal can be significantly riskier, as untrained individuals might not have the right protective gear or know the safest techniques.
Efficiency Professional arborists have the knowledge and experience to complete the task quickly and thoroughly. They evaluate the tree’s condition and consider factors beyond just using equipment. Those following a DIY approach could take longer to accomplish the task, as they might lack the necessary experience and expertise.
Tree Health Professional tree surgeons prune both live and dead branches to promote tree health after the removal process. DIY tree care might not consider the health of the tree, leading to potential damage or disease in the future.
Environmental Impact Professional tree removal services are environmentally conscious, ensuring a minimal impact on the surroundings. DIY methods may lack the eco-friendly aspects of professional services, leading to a higher environmental impact.

South African Tree Removal Services: A Region-Wise Table Presentation

Region Characteristic Trees Service Provider Average Cost
Pretoria Acacia, Marula, Blue Jacaranda Professional Tree Felling Services R850 – R8 500
Cape Town Yellowwood, Silver Tree, Clanwilliam Cedar South African Tree Specialists R1 000 – R9 000
Johannesburg Coral Tree, Stinkwood, Fever Tree Joburg Tree Fellers R900 – R8 500
Durban Wild Plum, Natal Mahogany, Cabbage Tree Durban Tree Pros R950 – R8 000

List the Mapping Tree Removal Services to their respective Areas in South Africa

you need tree felling, stump grinding, or tree maintenance, these services are available in the following regions:

  1. Alberton
  2. Bedfordview
  3. Bellville
  4. Bloemfontein
  5. Boksburg
  6. Brakpan
  7. Brits
  8. Bryanston
  9. Cape Town
  10. Centurion
  11. Durban North
  12. Durbanville
  13. East London South Africa
  14. East Rand

Showcase the South African Tree Removal Price List for 2023

Showcase the South African Tree Removal Price List for 2023

In 2023, we present the South African Tree Removal Price List, offering a breakdown of costs for small, medium, and large tree removal tasks in different regions across South Africa.

Release a cost breakdown sheet for small tree removal [South Africa]

We are excited to announce that we have released a detailed cost breakdown sheet for small tree removal in South Africa.

  • This resource provides transparent and accurate information about the expenses involved in removing smaller trees from your property.
  • By referring to this sheet, you can gain a clear understanding of the costs associated with professional tree removal services in South Africa.

Our goal is to provide customers like you with the necessary information to make informed decisions and ensure that you receive top-quality service at affordable prices.

Offer an in-depth price guide focusing on medium-sized tree removal [South Africa]

Medium-sized tree removal in South Africa can vary in cost depending on various factors.

  • On average, the price range for removing a medium-sized tree is between R850 and R4 500 per tree.

It’s important to note that additional services like trimming and tree pruning may incur extra costs.

  • For instance, tree trimming and pruning costs for medium-sized trees typically start at around R800.
  • Additionally, if you require debris removal after the tree has been removed, expect to pay between R150 and R250 per man hour.

To get a more accurate estimate for your specific project, refer to the South African Tree Removal Price List for 2023 which provides a comprehensive guide based on industry standards and values.

Deliver a comprehensive expense chart for large tree removal tasks [South Africa]

Large tree removal tasks in South Africa can incur significant expenses.

  • The cost of removing a large tree typically ranges from R3 000 to R15 000 depending on various factors such as the size and complexity of the job.

This includes the cost of cutting down the tree, disposing of debris, and grinding the stump.

  • Additionally, additional costs may arise if there are obstacles or limited access to the site.

It’s important to consult with professional arborists who can provide an accurate estimate based on your specific requirements and location.

Conclusion: Get top-quality service for tree removals near me from our Tree Feller Pros

Choose our Tree Feller Pros for top-quality tree removal services near you.

  • Rest assured that our professionals will provide the expertise and skill needed to safely remove trees, prevent property damage, and ensure your safety.

Trust us to handle all your tree removal needs efficiently and effectively.


1. Why would I need to have a tree removed?

There are several reasons you might need to have a tree removed, such as if it is dead, diseased, leaning dangerously, causing property damage, or interfering with construction or landscaping plans.

2. How much does it cost to remove a tree?

The cost of tree removal can vary depending on factors like the size and location of the tree, accessibility for equipment, and any additional services required (such as stump grinding).

  • It’s best to consult with a professional arborist for an accurate estimate.

3. Is it safe to remove a tree myself?

Removing a tree can be dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals who have the necessary equipment and expertise to ensure safety.

  • DIY tree removal without proper knowledge and tools can result in accidents or damage.

4. What happens to the wood after a tree is removed?

After a tree is removed, the wood can be repurposed for firewood or used for other purposes such as furniture-making or woodworking projects.

  • In some cases, the wood may also be mulched or chipped for landscaping purposes.