Borehole Repairs Annlin

Borehole Repairs Annlin | Borehole Pump Repairs Annlin

Borehole   Repairs Annlin  provide you with the best solution from an existing or newly drilled borehole supply, for your property.

Borehole   pump Repairs in Annlin   are able to service and install any component of a borehole supply to your property including:

  1. Borehole surveys
  2. Borehole
  3. Borehole yield tests
  4. Repairs and installations of borehole pumps & motors
  5. Installation of pump stations and water backup solutions
  6. Water testing against portable drinking standards
  7. Installation and servicing of water filtration systems depending on water results
  8. Rainwater harvesting solutions
  9. Sports field Irrigation
  • Borehole cleaning Annlin
  • Borehole installations Annlin
  • Borehole installer Annlin
  • Borehole irrigation systems Annlin
  • Irrigation Annlin
  • Borehole maintenance Annlin
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  • Borehole testing Annlin
  • Borehole water treatment Annlin
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  • Water pumps Annlin
  • Water tanks installations Annlin
  • Water tanks installer Annlin
  • Irrigation Pump repairs Annlin

Over the years we have maintained strong, lasting relationships with various water industry related contractors, which include hydro-geologists, yield testing companies, pump suppliers and installers,water-diviners and qualified Electricians

The borehole water can:

  • Be linked to a new / or existing irrigation system/ Borehole   Repairs Annlin
  • Provide a direct water supply to the premises so that you do not have to rely on municipal water supply,
  • Back-up water supply in the event of municipal outages,
  • Provide borehole water supply to top water features and pools.

Borehole Repairs Annlin  
Borehole  Repairs Annlin

The Benefits of having Borehole  Repairs Annlin

  • Avoid all future water related price hikes – with a borehole you will never have to be concerned about tariff changes.
  • Improved water quality – borehole water systems often provide water of a better quality with a higher mineral count, which is naturally filtered underground.
  • Enjoy beautiful landscape without the concern of costs of water.
  • Significantly increases the value of your property.
  • Savings on monthly water bills – with a borehole you no longer have to pay monthly water costs
  • No more frustrating water cuts, disruptions or water rationing during times of drought.

Kindly contact Borehole Pump  Repairs Annlin  should you require an obligation free quotation