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Tree Felling

Our tree services platform makes it easy for you to find a local Tree Felling Specialist who is ready and eager to assist with all your tree-related needs.

  • This includes tasks like cutting, trimming, and even complete tree removal if necessary.

With 24/7 accessibility to free quotes, connecting with experienced professionals has never been simpler.

A specialist from our platform comes equipped not only with the tools but also with vast experience in different aspects of tree management. Whether you are dealing with a towering palm that needs careful pruning or requires safe stump grinding & removal from your property, there’s an expert just a click away!

Our providers include top names like Tree Felling Pietermaritzburg and Tree Felling Cape Town which guarantee quality in all their services.

With extensive coverage across South Africa including Johannesburg North and surrounding areas, we bring professional tree felling services right at your doorstep.

So no matter where you live from Pretoria East to Durban North or Alberton to Umhlanga; our platform links you directly to local service providers ensuring convenience combined with reliable service delivery.

Plus all our partnering companies are fully insured offering peace of mind alongside their exceptional services.

Upsides of hiring a professional Tree Felling company near me

Upsides of hiring a professional Tree Felling company near me

Hiring a professional tree felling company offers numerous advantages for homeowners and property managers alike.

  1. Safety: Professional tree fellers have the skills, experience, and equipment to safely cut down and remove trees without causing damage to surrounding structures or people.
  2. Property Protection: They also prioritise maintaining the integrity of your property when executing their duties.
  3. Time-Saving: With a professional team at work, you can save time that would’ve been spent figuring out how to best tackle the task yourself.
  4. Expert Advice: They provide professional advice on tree health assessment and necessary measures for optimal tree health.
  5. Cost-Effective: While it might seem expensive up front, hiring professionals can actually save money in the long run by avoiding costly damage to property or injury due to improper handling of dangerous equipment.
  6. Access to Specialized Equipment: A professional tree felling company possesses all the necessary advanced equipment needed for efficient service delivery.
  7. Avoidance of Legal Issues: Local regulations about tree removal vary by area; professionals understand these rules and ensure all work complies with local laws.
  8. Hassle-Free Cleanup: After felling or trimming, professionals will do the cleanup, saving you from this daunting task.
  9. Emergency Services: In case of storms or other unexpected events, many companies offer emergency tree removal services.
  10. Contribution to Logging Industry: Tree felling also plays a role in contributing logs for various industries.

Pros of Expert Tree Felling Services in South Africa

  1. They provide an array of services, from tree removal and pruning to thinning and plot clearing.
  2. Their solutions are not only skilled but also safe and efficient.
  3. With affordable rates, you can maintain the health and aesthetics of your environment without straining your budget.
  4. Most companies offer palm tree services, which require specific skills and expertise.
  5. Emergency situations are promptly addressed through 24 – hour availability of some companies.
  6. Tree felling improves safety by eliminating hazardous trees that could potentially cause harm or property damage.
  7. It promotes a cleaner, more appealing environment by removing dead or diseased trees.
  8. Trained arborists are available across major areas in South Africa for more specialized needs such as stump removal or large tree removal.
  9. Professional tree fellers adhere to proper safety procedures during the operation, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries on your property.
  10. Regular maintenance offered by these experts ensures optimal tree health and longevity.

In a Table: DIY vs Hiring Professional Tree Fellers Near me

The comparison between doing it yourself and hiring professional tree fellers is worth considering.

The following table illustrates the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches.

DIY Hiring Professional Tree Fellers
You control the cost yourself Professional tree fellers in South Africa offer skilled services at great rates, with prices ranging from R850 to R8500, depending on the job
Flexibility to work at your own pace They work quickly and efficiently due to their knowledge and experience
Possible lack of skills and knowledge may lead to safety hazards Hiring a professional tree feller ensures safe and efficient tree removal
Might not have the right equipment for the job Professionals have the right equipment and skills for safe tree felling
You may not correctly plan ahead and check the felling direction Professional tree fellers bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, taking crucial steps like planning ahead and checking the felling direction

Exceptional Tree Services Offered in South Africa by expert tree fellers

Exceptional Tree Services Offered in South Africa by expert tree fellers

Expert tree fellers in South Africa offer a wide range of exceptional services including

Expert Residential Tree Felling throughout South Africa

Professional tree fellers throughout South Africa stand ready to tackle any residential tree felling needs.

  • They have honed their skills over many years, mastering the art of safe and efficient tree removal.

A variety of services such as stump removal, planting new saplings, and clearance work are available at affordable rates. What’s more, they also offer chain saw service for those more challenging jobs.

No matter where you live in South Africa, professional help for your residential tree felling projects is just a call away.

Expert Commercial Tree Felling throughout South Africa

South Africa brims with experts dedicated to commercial tree felling. These professional tree fellers utilise state-of-the-art equipment for safe, efficient removal of trees on commercial properties.

They adhere strictly to the industry’s best practices and safety procedures while performing their tasks – whether it’s a single tree or an entire orchard that needs tending.

  • Besides felling, these services extend to essential maintenance like tree trimming and pruning ensuring optimal health of your green assets.

You can also count on them for emergency tree felling in situations where hazardous trees pose a threat to your premises. Affordable rates coupled with top-tier service make them the go-to choice for all commercial entities across South Africa aspiring for immaculate lawns and landscapes.

Expert Emergency Tree Felling throughout South Africa

Emergency tree felling services in South Africa are not only expertly handled but also prioritized for safety.

When unexpected storms or other extreme weather conditions strike, our skilled professionals are ready to mitigate any potential threats that might arise from damaged trees.

  • With the necessary equipment and training, we swiftly remove fallen trees which pose danger to your home, business or public areas.

Our emergency tree felling service covers all provinces in South Africa. From Johannesburg to Pretoria East and Port Elizabeth, tree fellers ensure your urgent needs are addressed efficiently without compromising on quality.

Other locations including Durban North, Umhlanga and Centurion also have access to these 24/7 services making sure that every corner of South Africa can rely on professional help when emergencies occur.

The price for such specialized services? Affordable!

  • Our competitive rates make it possible for everyone to benefit from high-quality emergency tree removals regardless of where you’re located within the country.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that when nature strikes with fury, expert assistance is just a call away.

Expert Tree Removals throughout South Africa

Our expert tree fellers operate across South Africa, providing a comprehensive selection of services. This includes complete tree removal for both residential and commercial properties.

  • Proficient in handling all kinds of trees irrespective of size or complexity, our team ensures efficient extraction with the utmost emphasis on safety.

We also specialize in emergency situations where immediate attention is required due to hazardous conditions caused by extreme weather events or unexpected tree fall.

With affordable rates and assured quality service, we are leading the way for exceptional tree removal solutions throughout South Africa.

Expert Tree Cutting throughout South Africa

Professional tree cutting services are available throughout South Africa, provided by skilled and experienced tree fellers with over 10 years of expertise in the industry.

  • These experts offer a range of services including tree felling, trimming, and removal.

They also specialize in stump grinding and removal, ensuring your outdoor space looks neat and tidy.

Whether you’re dealing with overgrown trees or need to clear an area for construction, these professionals have the knowledge and equipment to handle any tree cutting job efficiently and safely.

  • Affordable options are available across South Africa, making it easier than ever to get expert help maintaining your trees.

Expert Tree Trimming throughout South Africa

Our expert tree trimming services are available throughout South Africa. We have a team of skilled tree fellers who specialize in trimming trees to ensure they remain healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Whether you need branches pruned for safety reasons or want to shape your trees for better growth, our experts have the knowledge and tools to get the job done efficiently.

With our exceptional tree trimming services, you can trust that your trees will be taken care of with utmost precision and professionalism.

Expert Tree Pruning throughout South Africa

Expert tree pruning services are available throughout South Africa. These services are provided by skilled and affordable tree fellers who specialize in tree felling.

  • With their expertise, they can help maintain the health and appearance of your trees by carefully pruning them.

Whether you need to remove dead branches, shape the canopy, or improve the overall structure of your trees, these experts have the knowledge and tools to get the job done right.

  • By investing in professional tree pruning services, you can ensure that your trees stay healthy and beautiful for years to come.

Expert Stump Grinding & Removal throughout South Africa

Our team of tree felling professionals in South Africa is highly skilled in stump grinding and removal services.

  • We have the expertise and equipment to efficiently grind down stumps to ground level, ensuring a clean finish and eliminating any safety hazards.

Whether you have a single stump or multiple stumps that need removing, our experts are here to help throughout South Africa.

  • With our exceptional stump grinding and removal services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property will be left neat, tidy, and free from any unsightly stumps.

Expert Palm Tree & Hedge Maintenance throughout South Africa

Expert tree fellers in South Africa provide top-notch palm tree and hedge maintenance services to ensure that these elements of your landscape always look their best.

  • With their expertise, they offer a range of services such as trimming, pruning, shaping, and general upkeep to keep your palm trees and hedges healthy and visually appealing.

Whether you need regular maintenance or have specific concerns about the health or appearance of your palms or hedges, these experts have the knowledge and skills to address any issues.

  • They use specialized equipment to carry out their work safely and efficiently, ensuring that your palm trees and hedges are well-maintained all year round.

Areas and Cities in South Africa Where Professional Tree Felling Services are Available

Areas and Cities in South Africa Where Professional Tree Felling Services are Available

Professional tree felling services are available in various areas and cities across South Africa, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Centurion, Durban, Randburg, Pietermaritzburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Durban North, Sandton, Umhlanga and more.

South African Provinces Covered by Local Tree Fellers

Local Tree Fellers offer their services in various provinces across South Africa.

Here are the provinces where you can find expert tree felling assistance:

  • Eastern Cape
  • Free State
  • Gauteng
  • KwaZulu – Natal
  • Limpopo
  • Mpumalanga
  • North West
  • Northern Cape
  • Western Cape

Latest Tree Felling Prices for South Africa 2023 [Table with Price Lists on all Tree Services]

Latest Tree Felling Prices for South Africa 2023 [Table with Price Lists on all Tree Services]

Navigating through the jungle of tree services costs can be a daunting task. Here’s a comprehensive list of the latest tree felling prices for South Africa 2023 to make it easier for you.

Service Average Cost (ZAR)
Tree Trimming R150 – R250 per man hour
Tree Removal R1000 – R3000 (varies)
Tree Cutting R1000 – R3000 (varies)
Tree Pruning R150 – R250 per man hour
Stump Removal R150 – R250 per man hour
Pruning, Reduction, & Trimming R150 – R250 per man hour
Debris Removal R150 – R250 per man hour
Elsies River Tree Services (Discounted) 20% off from May to Sept 2023

Please note, that these prices vary based on factors like tree size and type, accessibility, and job complexity.

  • Always get a personalised quote from your local tree fellers for more accurate pricing.

Conclusion: Local Tree Fellers offer the best value for money on all tree services in your area!


1. What is tree felling?

Tree felling is the process of cutting down trees, typically undertaken by professional tree fellers or arborist services.

2. How can I find tree felling services near me?

You can find local tree felling services in various cities like Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and others listed above by searching online or in a directory.

3. Can Tree Fellers provide other services aside from cutting down trees?

Yes, Tree Fellers offers additional landscape services such as stump grinding, root removal and more including an emergency tree service for hazardous removals that require immediate attention.

4. Are there safety procedures involved in tree felling?

Indeed! Following standardised safe tree removal and care practices is crucial while removing any dead trees which might pose potential risks to the environment.

5. Does a professional team handle these operations every time?

Absolutely! Only certified professionals using appropriate cutting equipment carry out the job to ensure maximum safety during the operation.

6. Will it cost much to hire a team to remove a single palm/tree?

Costs may vary based on the location and complexity of the task but generally, you should expect competitive prices from professional teams offering this service across the different regions mentioned above.